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Maintaining Your Balance in Stressful Times

The economic situation in our world today has us all suffering various levels of concern, anxiety, and fear. Many have lost their jobs and others are afraid of this happening. All of us have suffered financial losses from declining investments, loss of income, and/or rising prices. The stress levels produced by this situation are enormous…. Continue Reading

Acupuncture vs. Botox

The drug Botox, created from botulism toxin, has become a popular treatment for wrinkles. It works by paralyzing muscles under the skin, thus smoothing the facial wrinkles. The medication is also used for patients experiencing severe muscle spasms, such as with cerebral palsy or torticollis. However, in rare cases, the toxin can spread in the… Continue Reading

The arthritis diet

A small study in Sweden of 30 patients with rheumatoid arthritis found that a vegan, gluten-free (no animal products or wheat) diet offered some relief from the pain and restricted joint movement. Although the researchers could not explain why the diet helped, they found the patients experienced less inflammation and swelling in their joints, and… Continue Reading

TCM/PT vs medication for Fibromyalgia

Studies of patients suffering from Fibromyalgia used brain scans to demonstrate that these individuals’ brains process pain differently than most brains. As a result, these patients do not respond to conventional painkillers like aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, or prescription opiates such as Vicodin. In June of 2007, the FDA approved a drug called… Continue Reading

Sports injuries

There are two objectives when treating this (or any other) type of injury: decrease pain and inflammation of the injured area, and prevent further injuries. The proper use of acupuncture and physical therapy modalities can aid in healing the injury by increasing the local microcirculation and attracting white blood cells to the area. This will… Continue Reading

Antibiotics and children

Rates of asthma in children are increasing every year, and doctors have been unable to explain why. But according to a study done at the University of British Columbia in Canada, the cause may be over-prescription of antibiotics. Researchers compiled data from several studies including 12,000 children and found that infants who received antibiotics during… Continue Reading


Osteoarthritis is the wearing away of the cartilage coating the bones at a joint. As the cartilage deteriorates, bone rubs on bone, causing inflammation and pain. Many individuals tend to respond by moving the joint less, avoiding stress to the area. This often causes muscular weakness and imbalances which pull the joint out of proper… Continue Reading


A new study out has found that 25% of people taking antidepressants were misdiagnosed and would recover without medical help. The study tracked 8,000 cases in America and found that one in four “depressed” patients were suffering a normal response to an emotional trauma, such as the loss of a loved one or a job…. Continue Reading

Restless Leg Syndrome

Jumpy and aching legs can be very aggravating, and at night, disruptive to sleep, preventing a restful and recuperative sleep cycle. This syndrome has been receiving a lot of publicity recently, with television commercials touting the latest medications available. Unfortunately, the drugs are usually central nervous system depressants, anticonvulsants, or opioids (compounds created to mimic… Continue Reading

Neck and Back Pain

There are as many causes and types on neck and back pain as there are necks and backs. Often, by the time patients find my clinic, they have tried every approach they could think of, including medications, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, etc. Frequently, I am told that all these treatments helped a little, but none… Continue Reading